Palouse Country Candy

Carrying And Highlighting Local And Regional Candy Brands

Carrying The Regional Brands You Love

Liberty Orchards, Spokandy, Chukar Cherries, And More!

A Wide Variety Of Candy By The Scoop

From Chocolates To Gummy Treats, Come In And Explore!

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Meet Palouse Country Candy

Palouse Country Candy is a specialty food store offering a wide range of candy and chocolates featuring regional favorites like Bruttles, Chuckar Cherries, Cowgirl Chocolates, Liberty Orchards, Michele’s Chocolate Truffles, Spokandy, Weiser Classic Candy, and many more!

We also carry a wide variety of candy by the scoop, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and organic products.

If you’re interested in buying some incredible candy,
you can visit our store location or give us a call!